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Gently steamed, for maximum goodness… and flavour.

All of our chilled products are made with Aussie fresh meat and vegetables, and are lightly steamed to retain vital nutrients. Ready to serve straight from the pack, the range includes several healthy and delicious options, and absolutely no added colours, flavours or preservatives.


Our Chilled Meatballs bring the taste of the farm to your place. Fresh Aussie meat is steam cooked with farm fresh vegies to lock in the goodness, giving your little mate a complete & balanced meal packed with essential vitamins & minerals. Nutritious and delicious - find them in the chiller!

  • Aussie Meat No. 1 Ingredient
  • Grain Free
  • Natural – No Added Artificial Colours or Flavours
  • Gently Steamed, Locks in Goodnes


Our Farmers Market Chilled Meatballs are a complete & balanced meal, so they can be served on their own as a deliciously tasty meal. You can also use them in lots of other ways:

  • As a topper – simply add to or mix with their favourite dry food for an extra tasty dinner
  • As a treat – reward your little mate with a Real Meat Treat! (it’s the treat you don’t need to feel guilty about)
  • Warmed up – pop them in a saucepan on the stove and heat them up – great in winter!
  • Straight from the fridge – as a ‘just because I love you’ moment
  • On the go – with 8 individually packed sachets in every box it’s the perfect meal to feed on the run

Remember, when introducing any new foods to your pet’s diet, make sure you transition the new food gradually over a couple of weeks.


Mixed feeding means adding taste & variety to your dog’s diet with nutritionally balanced food. Mixing their dry food with different types of foods and flavours ensures they enjoy every meal time, just like we enjoy lots of variety with our own food. Adding wet or chilled foods to their kibble is a great way to give your pet a tasty, nutritious meal. And with Farmers Market natural meals, you know it’s goodness you can trust.