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Add variety & flavor to your pet’s diet

A quick guide to mixed feeding

A varied diet can bring both health and happiness to your pet.

With so many options and formats of pet food available, it can be hard to know exactly what to feed your pet, and which products offer the best flavor and goodness. While every pet is different and will enjoy different flavors and combinations, here are our top suggestions for delicious meals your pet will love.

If your pet is new to chilled pet food, make sure you introduce it into their diet gradually. For example, on days 1, 2, and 3, you could serve 75% of their normal dry food, with 25% of their meal as chilled food. After this, you could gradually move to 50% dry and 50% chilled, for a fresh and tasty diet that’s guaranteed to get their tail wagging.

Dry food with a chilled topper

All of Farmers Market’s dry dog food and our chilled products are designed as complete, balanced meals - so you can feed them to your dog every day if you choose. However, to create varied flavor and some interesting texture, you may wish to dice one of our chilled rolls over your dog’s dry food. Simply replace a portion of the dry dog food with a portion of chilled food so you don’t overdo the portion size.

Wet and dry food mix

Our ready-to-serve, casserole-style meals are always popular with dogs and have a great, meaty flavor they love. However, to add variety, or to make a ready-to-go meal last longer, you may wish to substitute half of the 100g serving with dry dog food.

Heated meatballs and dry dog food

While our great-tasting meatballs are pre-cooked and are ready to be served straight out of the pouch, some owners also enjoy heating the meatballs in the microwave for their pet, and serving them on top of dry dog food. As always, ensure that the portion size remains the same and that you substitute some of the meatballs for the dry food.

Pre-cooked in our kitchen so they can be served fast by you

Every Farmers Market product has been pre-cooked and is ready to serve. Our dry dog food can simply be poured into your dog’s bowl in keeping with the feeding guide on the pack, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated, making it a great option when travelling or out and about with your pet. Our wet food must be refrigerated upon opening, but is also completely ready to serve. Our chilled rolls and meatballs have been gently steamed to lock in vital nutrients, but are ready to serve from the pouch. All carefully prepared by us to make life easier for you, and extra tasty for your little friend.