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09 . 21 . 2018
by Farmers Market

Every cat parent understands the dangers of letting your cat outside of the house or apartment. Do you worry your indoor cat won’t be happy unless they’re outdoors? Simple additions to your home and habits can actually keep your cat healthy and happy indoors. Follow these tips approved by the Humane Society to do when keeping your cat indoors.

Adopt young

It’s much easier for cats to adapt to an indoor lifestyle when they start life indoors. Kittens who are taken at a young age will enjoy a life of naps, toys, and luxury. It is much more difficult to bring a cat used to the outdoors inside. However, it is not impossible!

Cat walks are a must

If you live in a place where the fear of your cat being hurt by other predators is not high, you can train your cat to walk on a leash much like dogs. Your cat will get a chance to see and breathe the outdoors without fear of losing them to hunt prey or getting hit by a car. A couple of walks should get your cat accustomed to walking with a leash if they’re not comfortable at first.

Bring the outdoors inside

Purchase cat trees for your cat to jump and play around. Vertical heights are a great way to stimulate your cat indoors. Place the cat trees by windows in your home to provide a perch for your cat to look outdoors. Help make them feel like they are climbing a tree outside and let out access energy by having several stimulating cat trees. Cat grass is also a great way for your cat to taste the outdoors.  

Keep the litter box clean

Truth is, cats are neat freaks and want a clean litter box. Keeping the box clean will prevent your cat from wanting to deposit outside. Depending on your cat, some prefer their litter to be scooped twice a day. Make sure to keep one litter box per kitty and always have an extra one on hand for emergencies.

Buy lots of toys

To prevent cat boredom actively engage with your cat with different cat toys. Bring some home to see which type of toys your cat plays with most. Toys should be open access at all time of the day especially when you are not home. This will prevent your cat from letting out their energy on special household items. Most popular cat toys are catnip toys, fake mice, or wand toys.